Safeguarding IT and Medical Networks

macmon Network Access Control for Critical Infrastructure

In the health sector, IT networks are also medical networks. It is a fact that modern devices require a network connection. The medical staff must always have access to the digital patient data, such as results from MRI, X-rays, laboratory values, etc. in order to be able to support the patient effectively. This generally forces IT departments to integrate the networks that were previously separated. But how can the data be secured? Is it possible to protect the network from unauthorized access, even without great financial or personnel expenditure? This webcast gives you an insight into the specific requirements for network security in the health sector and how this can be easily implemented with macmon NAC. Learn more about our cost effective and quick to implement NAC-Solution. Just smartly simple. For whom? This webinar is aimed at IT decision-makers, IT administrators and technically interested people. Previous knowledge is not necessary.


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