IT security in Authorities & Public Sectors With macmon NAC

macmon Network Access Control for critical infrastructure

In this webcast on demand you will learn how to protect your network. Public authorities are increasingly becoming a popular target for cybercriminals. In most cases, the attacker gains access to sensitive data. Critical infrastructures (electricity, water supply, etc) have unfortunately also become the focus of attacks. When digitizing administrative processes, European guidelines for network and information security or data protection must also be observed, whilst complex networks grow by number of devices, employees and data volumes. macmon NAC is a fast and intelligent solution to protect your network and your sensitive data. With macmon NAC, complex and heterogeneous networks with distributed locations are protected smartly simple against unauthorized access with minimal effort. In addition to a complete overview of all devices in the network, accesses are controlled efficiently and automatically, even for guests. So macmon NAC significantly contributes to the protection demands of administrative IT departments by protecting sensitive personal data from attacks. For whom? This webinar is aimed at IT decision-makers, IT administrators and technically interested people. Previous knowledge is not necessary.


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