Safeguarding Industrial Networks with macmon NAC

High Tech Needs High Security with macmon Network Access Control

In this webcast you will learn how to protect industrial networks and securing manufacturing networks. Get to know our cost effective and quick to implement NAC solution. Just smartly simple.

The growing relevance of WiFi in the production environment is hardly surprising, because compared to fixed cabling, it enables flexible data transmission between machines. In addition, employees can easily access devices, applications and data.

However, in addition to economic advantages - since standard components are now used for data exchange - this circumstance also offers enormous potential for danger. With the increasing networking of production systems, which in some cases extends into the office world, the complexity and vulnerability of the networks is increasing. In contrast to the office world, sensitive components in production networks, such as robots, machines and controls, cannot be protected with the usual means.


Philipp Theodorides

Technology Alliances Manager &
PreSales Engineer
macmon secure GmbH

Sandra Osadolor

International Inside Sales Manager
macmon secure GmbH